Sunday, August 24, 2008

The monopoly of AMG product in today's market

Nowadays the popularity of Anime, Manga & Games (AMG) product has growing largely in the market with a lot of products being sold worldwide. But is this just the case to meet customer’s demand or otherwise a marketing strategy to make money?

Manga Evolution

AMG product was produce in various steps from manga to anime and then anime to action figure and so on. Usually a new manga will be produced in a weekly magazine. It depends on the reader’s acceptance of the manga. If it was good enough, the publisher will take an action to publish the manga effectively.

1. Printed media

A well received manga will be compiled and then will be made into poster, wall scroll, and phone card. This is the beginning product for a new manga in the market. The production’s cost is very low even though it was produced in a large quantity. So, the price will be cheap and more customers can afford to buy it.

2. Anime & Games

A popular manga will be adapted into anime and then being transformed into video games and trading card games. The Original Sound track also being produced for additional promotion to the anime and games.

3. Action Figures and Plushies

Action figure is a replica of AMG character that is following a specific scale and similar to the original character. While Plushies are doll; it is a cute version of the AMG character that was specially designed for girls.

4. Accessories

There are a lot of AMG accessories can be found in the market such as keychain, bag, and many more.

5. Special edition and Art book

For a popular AMG, a special edition product and art book will be produced as a gift for the fans. Usually the product is limited and can be purchased in a specific time such as during anniversary etc.

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