Sunday, September 16, 2007

Takumi Fujiwara - Initial D

Takumi is a high school boy who help his father to run a tofu shop. Every dawn, he delivers tofu to the town by driving on mount Akina. In every single delivery, his father will give him a cup with water in it. His father told him to drive the car without spilling any drop of the water. Then he started to learn driving technique like drifting to maintain the water condition. He has been delivering tofu for five years without realising that his skill had improved. Actually Takumi doesn't like car. He also didn't had knowledge about car such as how the engine works, the suspension system or anything related to car. But after meeting with Ryousuke's brothers from Redsuns racing team, he slowly become interest to car and road racing.

Toyota AE86
Drive: F/R
Weight: 940 kg
Engine: 4-AGEU in-line 4
Displacement: 1587 cc
Max power:130 ps/6600 rpm

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