Sunday, September 9, 2007

Death Note

Studio: Madhouse Production
Total anime episodes: 39

This anime begins with a shinigami(death god) named Ryuuk dropping a note book into the real world. Yagami Light, a high school boy found and pick the note book and brought it home. The note book is a powerful book that can kill peoples when their names are written in it. Yagami Light used the note book to kill criminals whose face and name appear on television or the internet. He wanted to make the world become more peaceful by killing bad peoples. The police didn't like the way KIRA (murderer) punished the bad peoples. So, the National Police Agency(NPA) has co-operate with L, a superb detective who had solved many difficult cases in the world before to catch KIRA.

Yagami Light
He is kira. He is so genius and has helped NPA solved a few difficult cases before.

L (Ryuuzaki)
A detective from Britain who is very clever but odd.

Chief Yagami Soichiro
Light's father. He is the head of the investigation team of Kira case in NPA.

Amane Misa
A teen model who owned the second note book. He admired kira very much.

The shinigami which always follow Light wherever he goes.

She followed Misa and love Misa very much.

The L's successor who came fom Winry Orphan's house in England. He is very aggressive and wanted to catch kira before Near does.

The L's successor who came fom Winry Orphan's house in England. He led the secret team ordered by White House to catch kira.

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