Sunday, September 2, 2007


Studio:Madhouse Production
Total anime episodes: 26

This anime is about Tanaka Yukio (Koyuki) whose life changed after meeting with Ryuusuke, a guitarist. Ryuusuke thanked him for saving his dog, name Beck. Koyuki was a normal boy who admired a pop star. But after listening to a band called Dying Breed, he slowly learn to play guitar. Afterward, Koyuki becomes involved in Ryuusuke new band, called BECK. Then, after releasing album in Japan, they started to publish their album to America using Mongolian Chop Squad as their band's name.

Tanaka Yukio - guitar

Minami Ryuusuke - lead guitar

Chiba - lead singer

Taira - bass

Minami Maho - Ryuusuke's sister

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