Thursday, November 8, 2007

Drawing Tools – Pencil

Pencil have four grades:

  1. H Grade

H means hardness. It start from 2H to 9H. This grade has a hard graphite and make a clear tone. But it must be use softly to avoid marks being left on the paper.

  1. F Grade

F means fine. It has a moderate graphite in hardness and tone. Usually it will be use to make a basic sketching in drawing.

  1. HB Grade

HB means medium. It almost the same as the F Grade, but it is darker. This pencil usually being used as a writing pencil.

  1. B Grade

B means blackness. It has a soft graphite and can make a darker tone. The more bigger the number, the more darker it will be; it start from 2B to 9B.

The most usual pencil being used by doujinshi-ka:

  1. Grade B pencil

Grade B has a darker tone and easy to erase compare to Grade H. It’s suitable for pencil drawing that use a variety of tones.

  1. Mechanical pencil

Usually mechanical pencil has 2 tip size, 0.5 & 0.7 and using special 2B graphite lead. The lead is refillable, so using only one pencil is enough. It can be use to a drawing that needs inking work because the line that has been made is soft and accurate.

  1. Blue Pencil

Blue pencil is use in sketching because its marks can be erase easily and will not be seen after photostat or scanning process to a computer. It’s suitable for those who have untidy drawing style. Besides regular pencil, blue pencil is also available for mechanical pencil that use a special blue lead.


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