Saturday, November 3, 2007

Publishing a doujinshi

1. Digital Printing

Digital printing is a kind of publishing that needs a lot of money, depending on the pages of the doujinshi and the colour scheme that was choosen. The price will be more expensive if the printing is in colour. Black & White printing is less expensive. The advantage of digital printing is the printing quality is more clear. It will be wise to publish in a large quantity to get price discount.

2. Photostat

This kind of printing is more cheaper than the digital way. But it has some disadvantages. The quality is poor, usually depend on the type of machine that was used. If the machine use harblur toner, the printing will be easy to fade especially when in contact with water. Printing from machine that use liquid toner is more resistance from fading but the cost will be higher. Colour printing is more expensive using photostat machine and the quality is not as good as digital printing. So this kind of printing is suitable only for Black & White printing.

3. Online Publishing

Using today technology, doujinshi-ka can sell their doujinshi with minimum costs by publishing them on the internet. Even though this method is still new, many doujinshi-ka have used this method to sell their artworks. There are two method to sell doujinshi using internet.
First by subscription; the doujinshi-ka has to get a web site that can support the subscription activities. This is to make sure that only subscribers can read the doujinshi. Besides that, the doujinshi-ka also needs to get Paypal account or online banking service to make customer’s payment become easy.
Second by previewing the artwork on the group’s web site first. After customer paid the payment, the doujinshi will be send to the customer by e-mail. This method also need a Paypal account or online banking service.


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