Friday, November 16, 2007

Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is a creative writing by fans that want to hail the anime, manga & games (AMG) that they love. Fanfic is a re-written story or an alternative story base on favourite characters in AMG. Normally, the plot in fanfic is same as the original plot. There are many categories in fanfic, below are some of them:

1. Alternative Universe

This fanfic uses an alternative story for an AMG series. In this fanfic, writer has the freedom to change the plot and characters according to themselves.

2. Continuation

This fanfic is the continuation of the original plot of AMG series that had been finished. Usually this fanfic is written using the original concept without any changes. Some writer may chose to develop some plot that are not been considered by the original maker.

3. Het

This fanfic focuses on love plot between the male and female characters. This fanfic is focusing on relationship among them and sometimes it will also include sexual relationship.

4. Alternative Pairing

This fanfic also focusing on relationship between characters like Het category, but this time it focusing on dream characters of the fans, not the original pair as it was in the original series.

5. Crossover

This fanfic is written using characters from two or more different AMG series, usually by the same creator of the series.

6. Slash

This fanfic is about homosex relationship between characters. Usually the characters were chosen by the writer or fans.

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