Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fullmetal Alchemist

Year: 2003
Studio: Bones
Total anime episodes: 51

Two brothers, Alphonse & Edward Elric had tried to revive their dead mother using alchemist. They have failed and thus causing Alphonse to lose all his body and Edward lose each of his hand and leg. At that time, Edward had saved his brother by putting his spirit into an armour suit. Until then, they must try to find the Philosopher stone that has the power to regain their bodies back.

Edward Elric – A nice guy who always take care of his brother. He can change his hand into a sharp weapon for fighting. His automail hand and leg was made by Winry Rockbell. The installation of them are very painful.

Alphonse- He is the younger brother, but peoples always mistaken him as the elder because of his physical appearance that are twice of his brother. He can also perform alchemist but he was not recognized as the National Alchemist. Al owe his life to Ed because Ed has saved his spirit.

Winry Rockbell- Ed and Al friend when they were young. She is the same age as Ed and she was also the creator of hand and leg equipments that was being used by Ed.

Roy Mustang- National alchemist who has the ability to use fire as alchemist. His rank in army is Liutenant Colonel.

Alex Louis Armstrong- He has a pair of strong hand. He was proud of his body muscle and always try to show it in front of peoples.

Maes Hughes- An army that works in investigation department. He loves his wife, Gracia and his daughter, Elicia very much.

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