Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gun X Sword

Year: 2005
Studio: AIC A.S.T.A.
Total anime episodes: 26

In a planet called Endless Illusion, there are many fighters and warriors live and dangerous criminals also exist. The civilazation are like the western-style and they also have a high mechanical technology. They also have war machines that were called Armors. The story begins when Van’s wife, Helena was killed by a man called Clawman on their wedding day. In his wedding cloth, Van go on a journey to hunt the killer without realizing that his target is a dangerous person.

Van- Tall and always show spiritless expression, but when he is angry or when fighting he will be a serious man. He is an expert swordsmen and the pilot of Armors called Dann of Thursday.

Wendy Garret- She joined Van on journey and hoping to meet her brother. She thought that her brother was kidnapped by Clawman. But the truth was her brother was consent to join the Clawman.

Priscilla- A girl that was very energetic and aggressive. Met Van in an Armors duel and she admire him. She pilots an Armors called Brownie that is very quick.

Carmen99- A special agent who works as an informer and ever work with Van.

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