Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cosplay as a profession

There are not many choices in career base on cosplay because it is still not being recognized as a main occupation. But for those who are willing to try, below are some jobs related to cosplay.

  1. Costume Designer

Costume designer are the expert in researching and the making of blueprint for cosplay costumes. They work by gathering all of information about costume’s character that being ordered by customers. Then they will make the sketching for the costume. The sketch is important as a reference for the tailor. Costume designer must have the ability to design an exact sketch of the original costume for the character.

  1. Costume Tailor

Costume tailor is an expertise in sewing costume. In AMG, they are many complex design, so a good technique in sewing is a must have for costume tailor. Furthermore a good knowledge in fabric also important. Usually costume tailor will work together with costume designer, but there are also peoples who did both jobs at the same time.

  1. Prop designer

Prop designer has the same scope like costume designer, but they work on cosplay prop like weapons, equipments, and accessories. Prop designer must has knowledge in scale drawing, so that the equipment will be made using right scale.

  1. Prop maker

Prop maker is the people responsible in making the cosplay equipments for cosplayers. Knowledge in carpenting or metal cutting are the main assets for a prop maker.

  1. Make-up artist

Make up is one of the important elements in cosplay. For those who are expert in make-up can offer their service, but this will only happens during cosplay conference or cosplay photo shooting. So this job is not suitable to be chosen as a full-time job.

  1. Stylist

Stylist is the expert in making hair style, either using original hair or wig. To become a stylist, a person must have skills in hair cutting, colouring and treatment.

  1. Cosplay Shop

Cosplay shop is a dream job for a cosplayer who has capital to start a business. A cosplay shop usually offers services like costume/prop designing, costume/prop making, costume rental, make-up, hair styling and wig.


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alice said...

great post jimmy,and there is another profession for cosplayer, it is cosplay model who join the cosplay event ,commision and gain payment, and they can aslo sold their cosplay show pics to some cosplay magazine to earn the photo copy right fees.

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