Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eye Shield 21 – Kobayakawa Sena

Sena was always being bullied by his friends because of his small physical, but he has his own ability. At that time, Hiruma, one of the American Football player was searching for a player for the school team. Then he choose Sena and Kurita as the new player and they have become the dangerous weapons in their team. He is coward and always try to run away, easy to cry when in sad situation. But when on the field he was a different person. He has good legs for running and he can make touchdown in a lightning quick.

Sena is afraid of Hiruma because of Hiruma’s appearance and pesonality. The most scary moment for Sena was when he was chased by Hiruma’s dog, Kerberos. Sena always try to avoid any injury risks when on field. It was Hiruma’s idea to make Sena as his team weapon and he called Sena as Eyeshield 21.


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