Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Year: 2005

Studio: Square Enix, Visual Works

Two years have passed since the last duel between Cloud and Sephiroth. The sacrifying of Aeries had savioured the world from destroying, but the death of Sephiroth had spreading a virus called Geostigma Syndrome. This virus has effected many peoples and made them suffered agony especially childrens. Rufus Shinra has ordered Turks to investigate Sephiroth’s death and find a way to cure the virus but he was obstructed by Kadaj and her allies that plan to make the Reunion Project.

This film is a must watch for Final Fantasy’s fans because it will answers many questions that rise after the end of Final Fantasy VII video game. It use a dominant technology in graphic that make a perfect world of Final Fantasy VII especially the Cathedral and the Forgotten Capital, the two most nostalgic places in Final Fantasy VII history.

The personality of each characters remain as they were in Final Fantasy VII although there were some changes to their clothes. The most amazing part in Final Fantasy Advent Children was the battle parts, they show the original battle technique, Limit Break, magics and summons like in the video game. But for those who didn’t play the game, it will be a bit difficult to understand because some terms that have been used are came from the game.

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