Friday, October 26, 2007


Cosplay conference is like a holy place for cosplayers to show off the ideal cosplayer among them. Cosplay begun in Japan about 12 years ago when AMG (anime,manga&games) fanatics spread in Japan. Every year there are many cosplay conferences held around the world especially in Japan and United Satates of America. U.S. is the country that has the most cosplay’s conferences held because it has a lot of AMG fans.

Cosplay Event

One of the event that give cosplayers bonus marks in grouping cosplay competition is sketch/skit. This event is important because it is the only way to show the credibility of their group in effective manner. But it is not easy because it needs co-operation among the members. Cosplayers also need to write a suitable script so that all the member will have their chance to show their talents.

Tips and basic instructions for skit event

  1. Make sure the cosplayers that act on the stage do not exceed the limit, usually between 6-10 peoples are allowed.
  2. Don’t do dangerous actions on the stage. This is for safety.
  3. Any filthy actions and words are not allowed. Cosplayers must be remind that the show is for public showing.
  4. Don’t include sensitive issues like racist, religion or politics into the show.
  5. The sketch must related to original anime or characters involved.
  6. Cosplayer must stay to their character’s characteristic during the show.

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