Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Basic anime category

1.Genre: Shonen

Shonen is the most available anime in market. Publicly it was made for boys; shonen means boy in Japanese. The main plot usually is about adventures, battles, and friendships. Examples: Dragon Ball, Naruto & One Piece.

2.Genre: Shoujo

Shoujo is a genre that was made for girls. The main plot is about lives and loves. Examples: Paradise Kiss.

Sub-genre: Mahou Shoujo

Anime about girls that have magic power in order to save the world and contains love plot. Examples: Sailormoon & Cardcaptor Sakura.

3.Genre: Kodomo

Special anime for children. Usually the plot is about moral values. Examples: Doraemon & Shin Chan.

4.Genre: Moe

This anime has very cute characters and usually about humor. Examples: Di Gi Charat.

5.Genre: Mecha

This anime brings a heavy theme, usually it delivers anti-war messages. This anime also has mechanical machines/mecha that will be very important in overall plot. Examples: Gundam & Eureka 7.

6.Genre: Ecchi

This anime contains light sexual fun without any sex part being shown.

7.Genre: Hentai

Anime about sex.

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