Thursday, November 1, 2007


The word crossplay was originated from the words cross-dressing and cosplay. It means cosplayers that act as characters of that opposite sex to themselves. Even though there are many cosplayer around the world, the amount of male cosplayers are less than the female cosplayers; only 30% of them are male. The small amount of male’s cosplayer had caused the shortage of male characters in Cosplay Conferences. This situation has stimulated the crossplay phenomenon; when female cosplayers took the role of male characters in order to balance the amount of female characters. Those peoples are called crossplayers.

At first most of crossplayers are female, but later on there are also male crossplayers appeared. Usually female crossplayers are looking good and were accepted by other cosplayers. But there were some negative impressions to male crossplayers as they were related to sensitive issues like homesexual and transexual. This was because some of the male crossplayers have chosen characters that were very contra to themselves. Their action was considered as over-acting and aiming to challenge the etiquette of cosplay. The different opinion being made between male and female crosslayers have made male crossplayers viewed this as a discrimination to them.

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