Tuesday, September 11, 2007

D. Gray Man

Year: 2006
Total anime episodes: 52

This story happens at the end of 19th century when Akuma’s threat widespread all over the world. A few peoples were chosen to become the members of Dark Religious Organization in order to destroy Akuma’s threat. Allen Walker and other exorcists were hunting Akuma to destroy Earl of Millennium’s plans to eliminate all of human being. With anti-akuma weapon and the power of Innocence, exorcists declare a war to Earl and his company, Noah’s family and Akuma.

Allen Walker - A british boy who was cursed on his left eye.
Lenalee Lee - A Chinese girl who has an innocence in her boot.
Daisya & Yuu Kanda
Supervisor Komui - Lenalee's brother
General Cross - Allen's master but no one know where he's gone.
Earl of Millennium - The antagonis. He wants to destroy the world.

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