Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cosplayer’s body size

Size is an important factor in cosplay because it will influence the overall appearance of the cosplayers. As an example, the height difference between character and cosplayer should not be more than 10cm.

Height: 140-155cm

Physical: Small and medium weight.

Cosplayer in this category has not much option to choose because many characters in this category were created in the age of 12-15 years old and with various personalities. Cosplayer has to be careful when choosing character that is suitable with his physical and personalities.

Height: 155-160cm

Physical: Medium height and light weight.

Usually cosplayer in this category will choose character in the age between 14-17 years. Most of the characters are weak in fighting but expert in course like magic, study, research or computer.

Height: 155-160cm

Physical: Medium height and medium weight.

Most of the heroes and heroin in shonen genre were in this category, it will benefit those who want to be other’s attraction. Because the characters in this category are more active compare to other category, the cosplayers also need to be more active.

Height: 160-170cm

Physical: Medium height and heavy weight

Cosplayer in this category can choose character that has big muscle and tough body. Cosplayer with this physical is suitable to bring armour equipment and heavy object.

Height: 170-180cm

Physical: Tall and medium weight

There were many characters in this category. So those who are in this category should not face any difficulty to choose characters that were suitable for them. Cosplayer is also advised to choose character that has smart costume to be looking more attractive.

Height: 180cm and above

Physical: Very tall and medium weight

Cosplayer in this category can choose charecters that are very tall, especially in genre such as fantasy.

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