Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drawing paper

Manga paper

This paper is always used by manga-ka to produce their art work. It has blue panels printed on it. The purpose of them is to make it easier to divide the panels. This paper has high absorbency characteristic to absorb inks. This paper is also suitable for ink pen, marker pen and screentone.

Textured paper

This paper has texture on its surface. It is good to be use by those who want to make some effect in their drawing.

Coated paper

This paper has two surfaces – one is slippy and the other is dim. That’s why this paper is more expensive compare to other paper. The slippy surface is suitable for inking while the dim surface is suitable for pencil drawing.

Simili paper

Simili paper is the same as the ordinary A4 paper. Its ink’s absorbency depends on the thickness of the paper.

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