Sunday, September 16, 2007

Takumi Fujiwara - Initial D

Takumi is a high school boy who help his father to run a tofu shop. Every dawn, he delivers tofu to the town by driving on mount Akina. In every single delivery, his father will give him a cup with water in it. His father told him to drive the car without spilling any drop of the water. Then he started to learn driving technique like drifting to maintain the water condition. He has been delivering tofu for five years without realising that his skill had improved. Actually Takumi doesn't like car. He also didn't had knowledge about car such as how the engine works, the suspension system or anything related to car. But after meeting with Ryousuke's brothers from Redsuns racing team, he slowly become interest to car and road racing.

Toyota AE86
Drive: F/R
Weight: 940 kg
Engine: 4-AGEU in-line 4
Displacement: 1587 cc
Max power:130 ps/6600 rpm

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

D. Gray Man

Year: 2006
Total anime episodes: 52

This story happens at the end of 19th century when Akuma’s threat widespread all over the world. A few peoples were chosen to become the members of Dark Religious Organization in order to destroy Akuma’s threat. Allen Walker and other exorcists were hunting Akuma to destroy Earl of Millennium’s plans to eliminate all of human being. With anti-akuma weapon and the power of Innocence, exorcists declare a war to Earl and his company, Noah’s family and Akuma.

Allen Walker - A british boy who was cursed on his left eye.
Lenalee Lee - A Chinese girl who has an innocence in her boot.
Daisya & Yuu Kanda
Supervisor Komui - Lenalee's brother
General Cross - Allen's master but no one know where he's gone.
Earl of Millennium - The antagonis. He wants to destroy the world.

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Death Note

Studio: Madhouse Production
Total anime episodes: 39

This anime begins with a shinigami(death god) named Ryuuk dropping a note book into the real world. Yagami Light, a high school boy found and pick the note book and brought it home. The note book is a powerful book that can kill peoples when their names are written in it. Yagami Light used the note book to kill criminals whose face and name appear on television or the internet. He wanted to make the world become more peaceful by killing bad peoples. The police didn't like the way KIRA (murderer) punished the bad peoples. So, the National Police Agency(NPA) has co-operate with L, a superb detective who had solved many difficult cases in the world before to catch KIRA.

Yagami Light
He is kira. He is so genius and has helped NPA solved a few difficult cases before.

L (Ryuuzaki)
A detective from Britain who is very clever but odd.

Chief Yagami Soichiro
Light's father. He is the head of the investigation team of Kira case in NPA.

Amane Misa
A teen model who owned the second note book. He admired kira very much.

The shinigami which always follow Light wherever he goes.

She followed Misa and love Misa very much.

The L's successor who came fom Winry Orphan's house in England. He is very aggressive and wanted to catch kira before Near does.

The L's successor who came fom Winry Orphan's house in England. He led the secret team ordered by White House to catch kira.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric is one of the main character in Fullmetal Alchemist(FMA) anime alongside his brother, Alphonse Elric. He'd lost one of his leg and hand in an attempt to revive his dead mother using alchemist, a powerful spell in the FMA world. His father was also an alchemist, but his father left their family for a long time without a reason. He became the first youngster to be the national alchemist when he was 15, and he aimed to find the philosopher stone to retain his hand, leg and also Alphonse's body back. Edward has an ability to perform alchemy without to draw a transmutation circle first.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Yuu Kanda - D.Gray Man

Kanda is one of the exorcist at the Order and his master is General Tiedeur. He's a 18 years old Japanese and his height is 175cm. He has an ability to heal faster than ordinary human no matter how serious the injury he suffered. He owned a katana called Mugen as an anti-akuma weapon. It means six illusions. When releasing Mugen's attack spell, it gleams in metallic silver. Then there are many bug's illusions released from it to attack the enemy such as akuma.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007


Studio:Madhouse Production
Total anime episodes: 26

This anime is about Tanaka Yukio (Koyuki) whose life changed after meeting with Ryuusuke, a guitarist. Ryuusuke thanked him for saving his dog, name Beck. Koyuki was a normal boy who admired a pop star. But after listening to a band called Dying Breed, he slowly learn to play guitar. Afterward, Koyuki becomes involved in Ryuusuke new band, called BECK. Then, after releasing album in Japan, they started to publish their album to America using Mongolian Chop Squad as their band's name.

Tanaka Yukio - guitar

Minami Ryuusuke - lead guitar

Chiba - lead singer

Taira - bass

Minami Maho - Ryuusuke's sister

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