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In year 1614, Iga and Kouga clans were fighting each other to determine the next shogunate leader. They were representing 2 of the Tokugawa’s grandsons and the winner will be awarded to the clans that had succeed to eliminate all of the opponent’s representatives. Each clan will sent 10 of their best ninjas in this lethal contest and they have been given scrolls with their representative’s name written in it. When a ninja has been killed, his/her name will be marked by blood. The winner of this contest will be rewarded, and the grandson of Tokugawa that they’re representing will be the shogunate leader.

Kouga Gennosuke and Iga Oboro was the heir and heiress of their own clans. They were in love with each other and they also hope that Kouga and Iga clans will live in peace. But the loyalty for the clan had interfere with their love. They have been ordered to fight against each other to determine the shogunate’s future.

Kouga Clans

Kouga Gennosuke
A swordmaster and has a technique called Dojutsu

Kouga Danjo
Gennosuke’s grandfather. Expert in using poisonous needle.

Kasumi Gyoubu
His body can be absorbed into any object. A useful technique for assassination.

Muroga Hyoma
Gennosuke’s uncle. He teach Gennosuke how to use Dojutsu.

Udono Jousuke
His body is like rubber that can rebound any physical attack.

Jimushi Jubei
Has no hands and legs but he can slide like a snake. His tongue is very long and can hold weapon.

Kisaragi Saemon
Okoi’s brother. He is a master in disguise. He can copy anybody face and sound.

Kazamachi Shogen
His look and movement is like a spider. His tongue can produce a strong liquid like a glue.

Her lips is poisonous.

She can absorbs enemy’s blood by touching his/her body.

Iga clans

Iga Oboro
She was born with mystic eye.

Iga Ogen
Oboro’s grandmother. She controls an eagle as a weapon.

Yakushiji Tenzen
His body can recover from any injuries. He is immortal.

She use butterfly as a weapon.

He can transform his body into mucus.

She use her poisonous blood as a weapon.

Chikuma Koshirou
Use a sickle as a weapon. He can attack with his breath.

Mino Nenki
He use the hair on his body as weapon.

Azuki Rousai
His body movement is very flexible. He can produce a very strong physical attack.

He has a technique to cut hard object using thread.

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