Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mai Otome

Year: 2005
Total Anime Episodes: 26
Studio: Sunrise

Fourteen years ago, the Windbloom country was heavily attacked by enemy. In that situation, the baby princess was rescued to another place to ensure that she did not fall into enemy’s hand. The Otome, Rena was responsible to rescue the princess. She leave a blue diamond chain with the princess before ran away.

Fourteen years later, Arika Yumemia was traveling around the world to find his mother. When she arrived at Windbloom, she heard about Gualderobe Academy, a place where girls are trained to be Otome, protector of a king or country’s leader. Then, she has applied to be an Otome at the Gualderobe Academy.

Arika Yumemia - Her arrival at Windbloom is to search for her mother. She go to Gualderobe Academy to collect information about her mother.

Nina Wang – The best student in coral class. She always respect her father although she did not get enough attention from him.

Mashiro – A haughty and childish princess. Her status as the princess was doubted because of many confusing facts about her.

Sergei Wang – Nina’s father and also the leader of Windbloom security squad.

Natsuki Kruger – Headmaster of Gualderobe Academy and one of the Otome that are called pillars. Respected by others because of her calibre.

Shizuru Viola – She also a pillars Otome and she is the main advisor for Natsuki.


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