Friday, July 20, 2007

Black Cat

Year published: 2005
Total anime episodes: 23
Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Train Hartnett, the former assassin of Chronos Organization, had quit the organization after meeting with a mysterious girl. This made his life more difficult because he was chased by other Chronos members that want to kill him. But he is now independent and he choose to be a sweeper, a hunter that hunt criminals for money and high payment. Train always try to forget about his past, but his memories were always haunted him wherever he goes.

Train Hartnett – The best member in Chronos Organization. Recognized by the name Black Cat. He has a number thirteen’s tattoo on his chest.

Sven Volfied – A former IBI agent before being a sweeper. His right eye can see through the future.

Eve – She is an ultimate bio weapon and has a nano-machine power. She can change into any desire weapon.

Matsuki Saya – She is a sweeper. She has taught Train about the meaning of freedom.

Creed – Ex-member of Chronos. He betrayed Chronos and start a new revolutionary group. He’s a dictator. He wants other members to follow his idea.

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