Saturday, July 21, 2007


Year published: 2001
Total anime episodes: 13
Studio: Gonzo Digimation, Geneon Entertainment

Hellsing Organization is an agency that exist to eliminate vampires species that were disturbing humans. Alucard, the vampire’s hunter will go to counter the vampires in a professional manner after receiving order from his employer, Sir Integra Hellsing.

Alucard is a vampire that hunts and kills his own species.

After being bitten by vampire, Seras was given two choices from Alucard, either die or being a vampire hunter. She choose to live and become a vampire hunter alongside with Alucard.

After her father died, Integra read about her father will that wants her to go to a room. In the room there was a dead body lay down on the ground. At the same time, her uncle was searching for her and wanted to kill her. At the moment the pistol was aimed at her head, suddenly the dead body resurrected and protected her. It was Alucard.

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