Sunday, July 22, 2007

Midori no hibi

Year published: 2004
Total Anime Episodes: 13
Studio: Studio Pierrot

This anime is about a boy name Seiji who wake up in a morning with a girl changed into his right hand. The girl is Midori Kasugano, who admired him for 3 years. Midori also confessed her feeling to Seiji, and that made Seiji bemused.

Midori Kasugano

She admired Seiji for three years. Obviously, the chance to be Seiji’s right hand has made her very happy.

Seiji Sawamura

Seiji is a famous guy in school because of his fierce behavior. That’s why other students called him “Mad Dog Sawamura”. His right hand is very strong and recognized by the title “Devil’s Right Hand”.

Ayase Takako

Ayase – At first she thought Seiji was the same as other gangster students. But after Seiji saved her from a bad guy, she intended to make Seiji fell in love with her.

Shingyouji Kouta

Shingyouji – Midori’s classmate. He always care about Midori and he actually admired her.

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