Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Samurai Champloo

Total anime episodes: 26
Studio: Manglobe INC

This story is about Mugen and Jin who accompanied Fuu to find the samurai with sunflower scent. Mugen is a fierce samurai with break dance-type of fighting. While Jin is a samurai with traditional technique. They have to be the bodyguard for Fuu, a waitress at a tea shop, because she had save them from a death execution.


A girl that works in the tea shop. She used Mugen and Jin as her bodyguard on the journey to find her father, a samurai with sunflower scent.


A skilled swordsmen from Mujuushin Kenjutsu School. He is a serious man and he also has the ability to disguise as a beautiful woman.


A crazy-type person. He came from a discarded island in Okinawa. He didn’t trust anyone.

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